England Vs Australia – Why We Made The Decision To Move From London To Canberra (RJ)

The decision to move from the UK to Australia was an easy one.

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. …

Visiting Australia in 2015; this is when the Visa Application process started and we were introduced to our MARA Agent; George

I was born in South East London and pretty much spent most of my life living in South London. The love I have for the City is unreal and I am proud to call myself a Londoner; it is where I met the love of my life and where I became a mother; first in 2000 and again in 2009.

My husband moved from West Africa to South London in 1991 and we met at school in 1995 when he was in year 8 and I was in year 9.

As soon as we had our daughter in 2000 at the age of 18, we knew we wanted to give her the world and give her experiences like no other and travel was the way to help us achieve this. We have travelled a lot over the years with our children and whilst we love the UK (and have travelled a huge amount in the UK), we both feel that Australia has the work-life balance that we want to expose our children to and open their eyes to life on the other side of the world.

We have visited Australia a number of times and have been blown away by the way of life and opportunities available for those that are willing to work hard. We both have stressful jobs in the UK, my husband is a Primary School teacher in an inner city school (I could not do that job for all the money in the world; he really is amazing…) and I work as Head of Community Engagement for a large National Charity. With this experience and years of Youth Work experience under our belts, neither of us are afraid of hard work and are looking forward to this next chapter.

Whilst the decision to move to Australia was aided by the fact that my lovely in-laws live here, it is not going to be easy to leave my friends and family in the UK. This blog is a way to keep in touch with loved ones and to document this adventure for us and the children to look back on.

It would be amazing if you would join us on this adventure.

Peace, Love and Happiness – RJ

“Don’t count the days. Make the days count.”
Muhammad Ali

It is very easy to let life pass us by as we struggle to get a good grip. 

We must all remember to take the reins of our own lives and make the most of every single moment and opportunity rather than waiting for them to fall into our laps. 

If you want something go get it! 

Peace, Love and Happiness

The Jallohs

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