Our Second Week in Australia in Pictures (6-13 March)

Wow….. seems impossible to be writing this, but here is an update on our second week down under.

Fully over the jetlag and embracing the Ozzie life, we are starting to settle into a little routine and it feels great. 

How is your drink little girl?

6 March: We had big plans for today, job applications, update the bank with our new Tax Reference Numbers (TFN), go to the bank to address the issues with the app and the miss-spelling of Ahmed’s name on his bank card and join the gym. The sunshine made this harder than expected. Our daughter came with us on this adventure and she was struggling too, the heat literally just pulled us to the ground and made the slightest movement difficult. We managed to achieve everything on our list, but it was a struggle lol. We decided not to join the gym as it would lock us into a 12 month contract and we would only be here for the next 5-6 weeks until we moved to Canberra. We decided instead to scope out the local area a little more and find some spaces outside to work out; we found two, one near the church and one at the end of the road and decided we would go in the mornings before it got too hot each day. This option would also help us save a coin or two. Our brother in law also suggested taking the 7 day free trials at each gym within a 30 minute drive, that should give us enough sessions until we leave. The 7 day free trial is amazing, 7 consecutive days FREE! You all know we love to save a coin or two where possible so this was right up our street.

7 March: Today saw more of the same, job hunting and house hunting etc… I got some traction on one of the jobs I had applied for and they invited me for interview on 11 March at 11.00am. We saw this as a good sign as our lucky number is 11… Wish us luck. If I can land this job, it takes off so much pressure!

Today we informed the arrivals team of our arrival and they gave us some very useful information. We are also arranging to meet with them face to face once we reach Canberra next month.

Canberra; here we come…

8 March: Today, we went to see the JP in Calamvale shopping Centre, Ahmed needed some papers signed for his Teacher registration and I needed some signed for the Barnardos role I have an interview for later this week. We also spent some time working on the blogs that were sitting in our drafts, trying to upload pictures and tidy them up a little prior to posting.

Also, I saw my first bat! I am such a city girl and nearly fell off my chair when I saw it! They are beautiful… In the night light!

9 March: Today we attended a wedding, it was a long day… The wedding started at 12.30 (for a 13.00 start), we left at 21.30 and the celebrations were still in full swing. It was lovely to see two cultures come together and celebrate the love between the couple. (AJ) Why is it so long? Was our wedding this long, too? Why must everyone make a speech? When will the dancing for EVERYONE start? It it time to go yet? I think it’s time to go!

Mr and Mrs being silly as usual … Clowns!

10 March: Today, we went to church in the morning; went for a long walk in the afternoon/evening; did some blogging and I did some interview preparation. Today was a lot more chilled and laid back after a long and hot day yesterday. On our way back to Ahmed’s parents, we saw this, below.

Beautiful sunset in Brisbane By Ruth Jalloh
The open road By Ruth Jalloh

11 March: Today started with an interview for the position of Regional Manager with Barnardos in the ACT. It went well and felt comfortable, its just a waiting game now I suppose. The role looks amazing and would be a stretch for me, a definite step up with more responsibility and a bigger remit; but go hard or go home I say. I like it here so I don’t want to ‘go home’.

(AJ) But this is our home now… Ruth!

I do hope I get the job as it would be a great opportunity for growth. Either way, I’ve had my first interview and it felt great!

(AJ) She’s being hard on herself! The job is only a step up in title… She was already working at this level in her previous role!

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

Søren Kierkegaard

On The Road Again! Off to Goldcoast for a day at the beach.

The interview was then followed by a trip to Forest Lake to buy more fruit; use the free Wifi and apply for more jobs. We also looked at some houses in Brisbane because we are interested in buying in the next 2 years (The next two years… WOW… This was something we couldn’t say, in England). They are developing a new area, almost like a new village and the show homes looked insane. We spoke last night with Ahmed’s sister about starting an Oususu; basically we will all put $1,000 each month into an account, in 24 months we all have the required deposit for our house and have generated the most interest on the money available. It also holds you accountable for ensuring you put your $1,000 each month. We also went to look around a new village that is being built and wow, some of the houses were amazing. They have a large number of show homes set up for us to walk around and a business area to talk about the details. Here are some of the houses we looked at.

When you’ve made your dream come true…

Later that day, our son also tested out our new Medicare cards! He had a tummy ache and the Doctor advised us to take him to A&E. He was ok… I suspect he just ate too much random food… The following day he said, “Dad, I think you were right, I think I just had too much McDonalds, that’s why my tummy was hurting!”

Grandma’s boy!
A&E – They said 5 Hours wait!
Concerned parents – (Ju-dan-day has pulled the wool over grandma’s eyes)!

12 March: Today was a beach day, with it being 37 degrees how could we resist? The kids had a blast and it was lovely to relax, read a book and enjoy the sunshine. The boy’s stomach ache was gone, miraculously! Once the time at the beach was over, that stomach ache magically started to reappear! GRRRRR!

Squad Goals!

Before we left the house this morning, I received three calls from organisations I had applied to during our first week in Australia. One of them said I needed to be a citizen to apply for the role, but that he was going to speak with his manager and come back to me. The other two said that my resume was a perfect fit for the role and we agreed to speak again later this week. Things are done a little differently here and feel a lot less formal. I suppose I will wait to hear back from them and see where it takes us.

13 March: After the busy day yesterday, we opted for a quite one today. We pottered about the house this morning doing life admin.

We went to the post office to collect a letter for A Jalloh, which turns out to be for Alice Jalloh, Ahmed’s sister, who also has the initials AJ… Duh! We did some blogging and picked up some fruit and vegetables on our way home.

I also received another call about a position I applied for, they wanted to ask me about my rights to work and talk a little about my resume. She wanted to see me the following day for an interview in Canberra. I explained that I was still in Brisbane and will move to Canberra in early April; also that I hoped to have found employment in Canberra prior to the move. We agreed to speak again early next week…

When we returned to Brisbane

Thank you for your generous and thoughtful gift of time. You could be anywhere else at this moment but you chose to be here reading our blog and for that we thank you.

The Jalloh family

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4 thoughts on “Our Second Week in Australia in Pictures (6-13 March)

  1. Hi Ruth and family.
    Thank you for sharing your blogs with us which show that you made a fantastic decision to move to Oz. You all look so chilled and happy and I hope the heat it not too overwhelming. We’re currently being battered by strong winds and rain which you won’t miss.
    Fingers crossed that you will both get jobs soon, it seems that life is a lot more straight forward over there.
    Take care and keep the blogs coming.

    Sarah xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sarah
      Thank you for reading the blogs; your support really is appreciated. The sun is back out today following a few days of rain here too (with heat). We have drawn up a schedule now so we are planning our activities (fun and sensible) a week ahead of time to help give us all some structure. As I write this, Ahmed is home schooling our son and I am looking for work, fingers crossed we find something soon. We have to remember that we have only been here 3 weeks nd not be hard on ourselves, this is easier said than done lol.. You know what I am like 🙂

      I hope everything is good at work


      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi there, All looking good, sure to be some ups and downs, just carry on leading your best lives😁 Sending you much love and hugs to all🙅🏻 God bless you all, Stevie

    Sent from my iPad


    Liked by 1 person

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