Finding Your Purpose!

Yay Me…

‘Employment is important for a person’s well-being. Work often boosts a person’s morale integrity. It also gives the person self confidence especially when socialising with other people’

Following Ahmeds exciting news on 8th of April, on our drive back from Canberra to Sydney, I received a call from a Canberra number. I initially thought it might be the hotel to say we had forgotten something. I picked up and the voice at the end of the line said ‘Hello, is that Ruth Jalloh?”

“Yes, speaking!” I replied.

“This is X form Y organisation, how are you?”.

“I am good thanks!” I replied whilst smiling, as I recalled, this was the job I really wanted.

“We would like to offer you an interview for tomorrow at 13.00 if that works for you.”

I was excited, but my excitement turned to despair as I explained that I was actually just driving back from Canberra to Sydney, to catch a flight to Brisbane, where I was living with my in-laws. The nice lady on the phone explained that they could do the interview by video, no problem. With that information, I confirm that I could make it.

Immediately after coming off the phone, Ahmed repeated the phrase that has now become our motto; “If something comes outside of your time, It must be your time” as if he knew I had an interview.

Where in OZ are the Jallohs?

I spent the rest of the car ride back to Sydney reading up about the company and what they did in the community; their values; their missions etc. As I flicked trough the pages on their website and through the info I had on my OneDrive, it reminded me of how much I actually wanted this job and how much I wanted to be part of their movement. The difference they were making within the community resonated with me.

I received a call the morning of my interview to inform me that they would be sending the interview questions over to me 15 minutes ahead of the interview to allow me to do some prep. This was the same with Ahmed’s interview and a strange process, which I was not used to in the UK. I explained to the lady that this would be really helpful and kept refreshing my inbox to make sure I didn’t miss the email.

The interview

I joined the video call at the time given and was welcomed by a friendly panel. We went through the interview questions as expected and I gave my best and honest answer to each question. But the interview didn’t go past without a glitch… The technology failed us multiple times, so much so that we ended up doing a phone call for the audio and remaining on the video call for the visual.

I asked a couple of questions at the end of the interview and they said they would be in touch. It felt like my initial interview I had at St John Ambulance and I spent nearly 12 amazing years there; so I was hopeful that I would get a call back soon.

As the emails pinged in, I was hoping not to see one from this company; as rejections often come in emails or in a letter (from my experience of being on the other end of the process). The day ended and no call and no email. I went to bed thinking, maybe they liked me but it was close with someone else and they all decided to go home and sleep on it. Ahmed was optimistic! He was sure I had it in the bag because he said it felt like the time I went for the Youth Development role in St John.

I received a call the following morning just to say that they had a few more questions they wanted to ask me; They wanted to get to know me a little better and we would ‘take it from there’. Ok, I agreed and awaited their call.

They called me the morning of 11 April to ask if I could do a call at 11.00, as they had a few additional questions for me. I said sure and waited for their call. Bare in mind, our lucky number is 11 and they called at 11.00 on 11th April as planned and we spoke about my wider plans, my rationale for moving to Australia, what my expectations of the role were, where some of my gaps might be and what I would do to address these gaps. As in the first interview, I was open and honest in all my answers and hoped that they liked me.

Ahmed had been offered a job a few days before and we had our ‘Australia savings’ to fall back on if needed, so I explained to the panel that it was important for me to find the right job; there was no real pressure at the moment; I wanted to find the right fit for me and my family.

This way please…

Following a 30 minute call, they asked me what my expectations were in regards to salary, which surprised me because they still hadn’t offered me the job yet. We agreed on a figure that worked for us both.

The process felt very different to the UK, it was very conversational and they asked me a few times how I felt about what we were discussing, how I felt about the salary and other packages they had to offer. There are a lot of other benefits of working for them which they explained really well.

We agreed that they would check my references and as long as they come back ok, they will issue a formal offer. On Friday 12 April, I received the paperwork and looked over it over the weekend, went to get the JP to witness the signing of the contract and returned the paperwork to them on Monday 15 April.

How we felt this week…

Ahmed starts on 29 April and I start on 6 May. This gives me some time to set up the home and get the children registered with a GP etc. well, it gives me a week.

We leave Brisbane on 22 April to head into our next chapter and are going to miss our family a lot. They have been such great support and it has felt like we have come home.

We are equally excited about the official move and what the future brings for us and our family.

Peace, Love and Happiness



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