First day of school

Yayyyyyyyy the JallOZ are back!

I know what you’re thinking! It’s ten weeks in, why are they posting about their first day now? Or am I projecting? Well, either way, here goes nothing!

Monday 29 April 2019, our son had his first day at his new Australian school. He appeared to have mixed emotions, he kept asking when he was starting school as he was excited to make friends; when Ahmed told him that they have two snack breaks and lunch, he was fully signed up! Well, nearly…

He was a little nervous and didn’t say anything but we could tell by some of the questions he was asking. He asked a number of times if we could remind him of what the school schedule was and was asking generic questions about the school.

All smiles before they set off

We decided to get his uniform set out the night before and had him try it on for size. By making it exciting, we thought it would help him get over any nerves that he might have. It also gave us the opportunity to take some pictures and send it to friends and family.

So, the day finally came, J boy was starting school in our new home, Canberra! He got up and got ready for school no problem. He was excited because he was going to be packed lunch (defo my son; motivated by food). I felt a little anxious as I packed them both off to ‘school’. Today was also Ahmed’s first day ‘at school’ and I could see he was also a little anxious and planned the route to school about four different times. At this point, we were staying in an air BnB, which was about a 30 minute drive to the school; we were still officially ‘homeless’.

And off they go…

Once the boys had headed out, I used this opportunity to tidy up the carnage from breakfast, got ready for the day and set out to go and find us a home. Well after a little shopping of course.

My daughter and I went to see a number of properties in the area near ‘the boys school’, we agreed that we would like as close to the school as possible so our son was able to have a lay in each morning and so we could avoid getting into the trap we were in, in London.

(AJ) At school, we with the head who introduced me to my line manager. I found out that the head had only been there for seven days, so she was also new, which put me at ease because established heads, in my experience, have established their dominance and are less likely to be accommodating to new ideas and ways of doing things.

Anyway, recess came and in bounded Junade filled with energy, all smiles, telling me how great it was. All this time I was worried about him and it turns out that he was fine. He’s always fine!

Three o’clock came and I was relieved those 48 suspicious eyes have stopped staring at me waiting to be entertained. I was under the impression that my first week was going to de spent observing the previous class teacher! Boy, was I wrong. Straight into the deep end… sink or swim big man.

Junade came into my class and asked: “Dad, do we have to leave to go back to Brisbane?”

“Why? I replied!”

“Because I really like it here, it’s a nice school. Sure I’ll miss my friends but I really like it here!”

“Well, if they extend my contract, you will be here for at least two year, so till year 6!”

“Oh, Yay!”

We headed back to the flat in silence, both mentally exhausted from what our new normal had thrown at us today. Time to tell mummy and big sis all about our day!

Thank you for reading and keeping up with the Jalloh family.

Peace, Love and Happiness



One thought on “First day of school

  1. Hi all

    Lovely to read your blog. So pleased you are all settling in

    Have you found a house yet?

    How was saffron visit to London?

    How are you Ruth? How’s your new job going?


    Liked by 1 person

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