Back where it all started

During our short break to Brisbane (fondly known to Canberreans as Briss Vagas), I to wake up at 6:50 on one of the mornings. I had been listening to motivational videos and decided not to waste the day, so I asked Ahmed if he wanted to come out for a walk with me. Bare in mind, this was the day after our escapades on Mount Coot-tha. I wanted to go back to the place where “it all started” for us… Zarraffa’s Coffee shop, Acacia Ridge market place.

Soul mates
Giraffe-ing around
Quite… alone… time… reflection…

As I sat with a Green tea reading the paper (The Courier Mail), I reflected on the eight weeks in Brisbane where we spent many of our days working on the blog, applying for jobs, having job interviews by phone in the car, financially planning for future… oh and developing our 3 to 5 year life plans. I sat smiling to myself. I thought about some of the concerns we had. I thought about how we managed to work as a team and “figure stuff out”. If I knew things would turn out the way they have, I would have made an effort to enjoy this time more. I thought back to some wise words my friend Karen told me; to enjoy each stage; those wise words will stay with me and I try to implement them at each stage of our adventure called life.

I thought about how we worked as a team to ensure;

1. We applied for and secured jobs

2. We kept up to date with our blog and I touch bases with friends and family

3. We supported our daughter to keep up with producing her art work

4. We spoke to her now tutor about course opportunities and signed her up

5. How we had a clear schedule to make sure J Boy stayed on track with his education and how Zarraffas became our new “home school location”. Oh and how he managed to negotiate the introduction of his iPad in his school day (and Ahmed says I’m the weak one when it comes to the kids lol)

The family that works and plays together… stays together

I decided to go and pick up some fruit for breakfast. This allowed me to start the day in the best possible way; some exercise, some self reflection, listening to motivational podcasts and YouTube videos and some delicious fruit…

Can life get any better than this?

Thank you for reading this far and for keeping up with the Jalloh family.

Peace, Love and Happiness


Twitter: @justJallOZ

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