Orange Theory – A Family that Works Out Together!


We had our first session as a family with the Orangetheory family!

Ruth and I joined the gym as soon as we got to Canberra and have been going since June 2019. We’ve done about 30 session and we’re loving it. In the UK, life didn’t allow us consistent time to keep gym a routine. We would get a good rhythm and something would come up and mess up our groove. It will take us a while to get that spark going again!

At OT, the coaches are incredibly personable and constantly checking on you to make sure you are going ok. Also, when you get in a funk and miss a couple of sessions, you’ll get a text or a call to check up on you, which kept us accountable for our our progress too.

Last week, Ruth referred our daughter and her boyfriend (Saffron and Daniel and today, we all went together. What a great session it was.

Looking forward to more sessions with the OT team.

Peace, Love and Happiness


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