Tattoos and Puppies: 2 Things Not Just For Christmas!

It’s been something I have wanted for a long time and I finally have it! Thank you Melbourne (2019)

From the first time I saw him, my heart whispered “that’s the one”… I whispered to my friend “I’m gonna marry him”… all this at the tender age of 14. Oh and my friend whispered back, “you don’t even know his name”…

But there is something truly magical about him.

Ruth Smith, 1996

I had never really noticed or been interested in boys until this day. On this day, something inside me flipped and I knew I was a changed as a person forever.

11 December 1996 was the official day my life went topsie turvie and this magical human asked me to be his girlfriend; 23 years later we continue to be best friends, soulmates, lovers and so much more.

We have experienced so much over the years and I am excited about the years ahead.

House Shopping … “I want this one!”

Disclaimer: Getting a tattoo is not something to be taken lightly and is not for everyone. It’s a permanent change to your body and that’s a big deal…

ASJ – Double Entendre

For me, there’s a massive amount of emotion behind what I chose to get as a tattoo; the letters are his initials and also the first letter of his name, our daughters name and our sons name; in order (this was not planned when naming the children).

I have never experienced an emotion so intense

Ruth Jalloh, 2019

Thanks for all your love, support and positive energy.

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Peace, Love and Happiness.

The Jalloh family