The New Year Work Out Plan

The New Gym Squad

What did you do for the to ring in the New Year? Did you make any resolutions? We are genuinely interested to know, so if you don’t mind sharing, send us a comment.

By now, the euphoria of the countdown has run out, the alcohol (for those who drink) has passed through the system and that faint ringing in your ear from the loud noise of the crowds and fireworks has subsided.

These are quite familiar scenes to Ahmed and I because in the past 22 years, since 1996, we have only spent one countdown apart. When we were younger, the deal was to always assemble a group of friends and head to central London and get lost amongst the crowds to see the fireworks (well kind of). After all the commotion, we then had a 3 hour journey to try and find our way back home. Every year the crowd and group we celebrated with changed, but one thing remained consistent, Ahmed and I were always together, no matter what.

Five weeks ago, we decided to sign up for a gym session on New Years Eve. We are always about experiences and were compelled to sign up. So, a 10pm session at Orange Theory was the only thing that was on the cards for New Years Eve this year. We spent the day hanging out at home, planning our goals for 2020 and enjoying some time to relax.

This year the squad changed again! We spent new years with 30 strangers, some of whom have levelled up to acquaintances at Orange Theory Fitness. The session was run by Bits and it was a tough session! We were in countdown mode. 45 second sprints on the tread, incline from 10 to 1; alternating reverse lunges (10/ 8/ 6…) and squats (9/ 7/ 5…). OUCH!

After the work out we spent some time mingling and talking to other gym goers. It was a nice opportunity to hear about people’s goals for the year ahead. And the hard work from the session was a great way to welcome the new year because thats how hard we are going to push from here on out. Ruth was still sore 3 days later.

This year has probably been one of the biggest years of our lives (aside from having the kids and getting married of course). We moved from the UK in February, leaving behind friends and family, work, community and network. It was a big move and one that has taken us on a massive 10+ year journey.

It would be great to hear in the comments below your goals for 2020.

If you have been keeping up with us throughout 2019, you would have read about some of the ups and downs and hopefully seen how we have grown individually and as a family. It has not always been easy and there were times along the way when we wondered how we would settle into a new country and almost start again and then we realised that we had each other. I know it probably sounds really cheesy, but it’s true. We are such a supportive, connected and motivating family.

Thank you so much for all your love and support throughout 2019 and our first year of blogging. It has been a journey and we have learnt so much over the last 12 months.

As a reward for reading all the way to this point, here is a Mystery Link to get you giggling. What ever you do, do it the right way! NO Short Cuts

Peace, Love and Happiness

The Jallohs

3 thoughts on “The New Year Work Out Plan

  1. Hi Ruth and family, I wish you a healthy, happy and peaceful 2020! I totally admire your great faith in each other and determination to succeed whilst staying so close as a family! I will enjoy more blogs and staying in touch this year😁
    My goals are simple; move to Devon, stay happy, keep family and true friends close🙅🏻My healthI leave with God and won’t complain 😁
    We fly to Sydney on 22nd Jan, stay for 3 days then cruise New Zealand for 14 days, worried re fires and have FFP3 face masks ready☹️
    Sending love, hugs & blessings to you all,

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  2. Big up the Jalloh Oz chapter for 2020!

    Its so wonderful to see you all leap from strength to strength over the past year, forging strong relationships whilst equally progressing in establishing yourselves as Aussies.

    By virtue of your silence on the matter, I’m making the presumption that you are all safe and untouched by the horrific forest fires that are destroying the lives of people and wildlife of your beautiful country. Its been an inauspicious start to the new decade what with ‘the hairpiece’ trying to trigger WWIII, and the planet clearly demonstrating that its calling time on humanity’s thoughtless pillaging of natural resources. So its always a pleasure to take the time to sit down and read your blogs so filled with optimism and happiness.



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