Family Friday: What a Flipping Great Time

For the longest time, we tried to keep a regular gym routing in London, with mixed results. So, we’ve decided to diversify our family exercise. Our son continued with gymnastics and the rest of us joined Orange Theory Fitness (OTF). We needed things we could also do together, so we decided Thursday will be Active Family Day. Each Thursday, we alternate between taking the whole squad late-night swimming or trampolining at Flip-Out.

Go girl

London is a beautiful town with many great features, however we weren’t able to explore it as much as we are exploring Camberra. We had two incomes and we were just surviving. Australia promises everything, especially with a two income household. We are using the opportunities to live out some of the dreams we may have missed at 18, 19, 20+ like going trampolining every other week without the fear of a bill not being paid.

Ironically, we use the time at Flio-Out to pay all our bills before we spend the last 40 minutes or so working up a sweat. As you can see, our trampolining levels are on par with the best in the world, the great Australian marsupials, kangaroos. We try not to show off too much – lol!

Please, take time to invest in some family funsercise and sing-a-longs, whatever you are doing. Check the Mystery Link.

Peace, Love and Happiness

The Jalloh Family

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