What We Ate Wednesday: Double Shot Deakin

Photography by: RJOz

We decided to have a relaxing weekend; potter about the house doing some gardening and grabbing lunch at a new spot. We decided to go to Double Shot so keep reading to find out what we got…

So, Ahmed in his infinite wisdom, said, “we should rate the place, take some photos and tell you all about it! He’s becoming one of those weird foodies… god help us…

I had been to double shot earlier in the week with some colleagues from work and knew Ahmed would be a fan. There was a fair amount of vegan options and an outside area for those who like fresh air and sun. What more could you want?

So, here goes!

We agreed on five categories, which sits well with the usual 5Stars people think of with restaurants. We looked at the vibe, location, food, drink and service.


The vibe of Double shot was very relaxed, kind of cool and chilled. There were couples of different ages, with and without children, singles and those millennials with man buns usually associated with these types of cool vibes. People chatting away, having coffee and lunch. We decided to sit inside as the day was pretty windy. We sat just inside the door with a large open window to our left, so it felt like we were outside without the dust and wind swept faces. If I had to liken it to somewhere in the UK, I would probably have to say it was a cross between Dulwich with the coolness of Clapham or some parts of Hackney.


Half an hour to 45 minute drive from door to door. Canberra is purpose built, so for us, the locations to any restaurant is great. Also, there’s an added bonus that Double Shot is not far from work either; 10 minute’s drive on a slow day. Located in Deakin, it shouldn’t be no more than 30-45 minutes drive from anywhere in Canberra. The city designed for the least amount of traffic and travel. The had interior design was very simple and modest and gave us a log cabin feel, and we were well impressed with the upside down plants.

Our Table on The Left


The service was effective. The waitress asked us to wait while she prepares a table inside and called us after about 3 minutes, but as usual, we sat down and chatted away, which always results in the waiter or waitress having to come back a second time to take our order. As we looked through the menu, we got distracted by the prices. They were slightly higher than expected, but hey, we had sat and made small talk with the staff so we were committed. The waitress gave us enough time and came back and took our order. There wasn’t anything memorable about the service itself! We were served our drinks within 5 minutes and food came about 5 minutes after that.


The vegan items on the menu were clearly labelled and a description of the food was clearly set out.

I decided to order the wholesome bowl with Organic tofu and wow! It was lovely. Ahmed opted for the zucchini noodle salad.

I don’t think the picture does it justice.
With some fries on the side…

J boy opted for chips, so we coupled that with sweet potato fries.

He was really enjoying his ‘thick shake’

We looked around the restaurant to get an idea of portion size to try and gauge how much we should order. This actually didn’t prove successful as we over-ordered, but still munched ALL of it because it was so delicious.

OMG! The food was amazing. Really good size portions and came to the table pretty quickly after ordering. On reflection, this is a venue I would be comfortable going to alone for lunch. It was pretty quick and pretty easy, just how I like it.


J boy ordered a vanilla thick shake, she said it was amazing… it was served with a thick straw in a glass shaped like a medium sized Yankee candle (my favourite candles, so winner). The drinks menu was diverse and there was a lot to choose from.

Hubby decided on the vegan Peanut butter smoothie. If there is ever anything peanut butter on the menu, you can bet he will be ordering it. He said it was “delightful”and from my few sips I must say I agree. He usually complains that he can’t get a milkshake type drinks since becoming vegan so it’s always good when we see something on the menu. It was very thick and creamy and for a shake that was vegan that was a plus. I think he missed the peanut butter acia bowl on the menu.

I opted for Lemongrass and ginger tea and I was not disappointed at all. A pot with 2-3 cups was presented and I sipped away happy as Larry with my choice of beverage.

Overall rating: 7/10, we would have given it a higher if the prices we’re not considered in the overall rating. We agreed that it was probably a little more expensive than we would have liked, but that’s only because we are proper cheap and always think we can make things cheaper at home – which we can’t by the way. our skill have not reached these levels (YET).

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We promise you won’t be disappointed.

To show appreciation for reading this far, here’s a Mystery Link to keep you entertained.

Peace, Love and Happiness

The JustJallOz Family.

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