Family Friday: Late night swimming with @JustJallOz

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst!” William Penn (Founder of Pennsylvania)

So, one thing we agreed on when we decided to set up home in Canberra was not to fall back into the rat race! We did not want to do the 9 to 5… wake up… go to work… come home… eat… sleep… repeat, which was where we found ourselves in back in London Town. We were entrenched in he “grind” and could not see a way out.

People! If I could describe London in one word, it would be people. Have you had the dream where you are being chased but you cant get away? That’s what it felt like in London. Ahmed and I felt like we were ships passing at dusk, stopping occasionally to exchange duties and kids. For this reason, we made sure we had date night to touch basis and reconnect and during our plans we wanted to escape from this hamster wheel.

Our First Swim…

Long hot Summer’s were one of the things we were looking forward to. When we saw how glorious the weather was, we agreed to use the long Camberrean days to our advantage and save our weekends for even more meaningful family activities (loaf on the sofa and watch movies). When it was just the three of us (me, Ahmed and our son) Thursday nights were dedicated to swimming or trampolining.

Another bonus, Ahmed’s family were in town for three weeks, so on this smoke-filled Thursday afternoon, we decided there was only one thing to do. So, with the whole crew, which included me, Ahmed, our son, our daughter and her boyfriend along with Ahmed’s sisters and nieces, we rolled up to Gunhahlin leisure centre for our swim. We took up a quarter of the pool with our shenanigans (playing marco polo but with our eyes half open).

The Swim Squad

Since she came, Ahmed’s niece wanted to go into our small pool. She had not been swimming before, so it was a great opportunity to experience that with them. They loved the water and it became like an African goodbye when we had to leave. It took us 45 minutes from the time we said time to go, to the moment exited the leisure centre.

While the rest of us played Marco Polo, Ahmed’s sister was taking pictures of us in the pool, so she got in trouble with the lifeguard (lol)! She was quite discrete but eventually there was so much to capture that she left the phone out a minute longer than planned.

Having fond memories for our children to look back on has always been something that motivated us. We said we wanted more time to do things we couldn’t do in the UK, like go swimming, or trampolining, or Rock Climbing after work. This day was a perfect illustration of us trying to use our time better to ensure the family experiences the Peace, Love and Happiness Australia has to offer.

Thank you so much for all the love and support.

As a reward for reading all the way to this point, here is a mystery link that summarise our feelings about why we wanted to disrupt our life in the UK.

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The Jalloh family

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