Family Friday: BlocHaus Bouldering

Starting this blog was part of our new family motto. ‘Just Do It’! Oh wait, that’s Nike’s motto. So, we had to go with, ‘Just Go For It’! It was time to stop overthinking life and just doing. We became passionate about giving ourselves and our children new experiences and making sure we say yes more. These can be big, like moving to the other side of the world, or small, like going swimming or trampolining.

Cue in the weekend and we decide to experience something new. We went climbing at BlocHaus Bouldering. After driving a few kilometres, we arrived in Fyshwick. Everyone was excited to do this new thing and as we made our way to the complex, we spotted two signs and J boy decided he did not want to go ‘rock climbing’ any longer. He wanted to go Kidzplore instead. 

One of the challenges of having children 9 years apart, is the difficulty of choosing family activities that both kids would enjoy, so we don’t end up following our youngest around to make sure he’s safe. This was beginning to look like one of those days.

Cliffhanger – How do you survive… This Fall?

As we arrived at Kidzplore – just to take a look around, I noticed a sign which said ‘Drop and Play’ option available. I side-eyed Ahmed. I always worry about these situations because our son is a ‘special boy’ with amazing superpowers which we talk about here. Ahmed is always saying we should let him experience these situations because he needs to be able to problem-solve when we’re not there. We decided to do the drop and play, especially because it was something he really wanted to do. I wanted to feel like a grown up boy, so he asked us lo leave him there. BlocHaus was only 3 warehouses down.

Looking at the excitement on his face, I knew he would be ok. The lady that signed us in was super friendly and put any nerves I had to bed. She informed J boy that he could have some food if he wanted and that he could come to the counter and ask them to call me at any stage. It was at that point, I knew I had messed up lol… The food bill was probably going to cost more than the entry. Ahmed said it reminded him of the scene in Lion King where Simba wanted to go off and explore but his mum insisted he had a bath before he goes. I couldn’t see the comparison

Me leaving J Boy: “Mum, you’re messing up my mane!”

Eventually, a few warehouses up, we were getting ready to begin our climbing adventure. After paying, we were given some climbing shoes. Someone forgot to bring socks, so Ahmed had to go back to the car to grab some. Around the corner, there were a group of people who we joined to watch the safety briefing. We’ve been trampolining many times before, so we sort of had an idea of what was expected.

  • start off where you feel comfortable
  • look out below before you jump down
  • No walking underneath someone climbing the wall
  • land on your feet as you fall back and go into a back roll
  • … and everything safety related for rock climbing
Started From the Bottom… Now…. how do I get down?

Unable to hold in our excitement, our anticipation grew as we saw climbers of all ages clambering up these gigantic walls. We tried to hurry the video along but unfortunately had no success. After what seemed lie 10 minutes we went back to the reception area. No, we hadn’t been scared off, we just wanted to loan a key, which incidentally came home with us, to put our loose stuff in the locker.

Pick your challenge. No one to hold our hands, so we started off in the ‘kiddies area; to ‘get familiar’ with the walls… Eventually, confidence was high and we slowly weaved our way towards the more challenging climbs. We spent the next 90 minutes trying different types of courses and challenging each other every step of the way. Soon, forearms ached, backs ached, butts, calves, fingers, everything ached. Through all the aching, our enjoyment was clear and we all had a great time. We also decided we would 100% go back…

THE NEXT DAY… We had to change our plans to go Gym (Orange Theory). Remember earlier when I said how hurt we were? Well double that! This was probably what if felt like to be run over by a smart car.

Quotes From The Next Day

My back and inner thighs are on fire!


My sides, fingers and calves are feeling ‘ouchy’ but like a nice gym pain!


My upper arm and forearms were hurting!


My forearms are hurting, so I’ll give gym a miss and ride the bicycle around instead 🙂


Thank you for reading this far and for keeping up with the JallOZ.

Thank you for reading up to this point. There’s no secret link today, so instead JJ asked me to add his Youtube video.

Peace, Love and Happiness

The Jalloh Family

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