Family Friday: Birthday Blog

Mummy Smith

It’s a weird feeling to be writing this… This is my second birthday in Australia and apparently, I am not supposed to make plans for my birthday as something always seem to crop up. Last year, we were supposed to climb a mountain in Brisbane, but the rain had other ideas. This year, 2020, is a similar story with regards to the rain (April showers are apparently a thing in Australia too), but more serious things are happening in the world this year too which have led to the need for people to socially distance themselves from each other.

I had plans to go on a girls trip for my birthday this year; My friend Karen and I were supposed to go to Adelaide. The sensible thing to do was to cancel, which we did. Well, we have planned to postpone until we return to the new ‘normal’.

So, I decided that this year was not going to be a total wipeout. I decided that today was going to be a ‘self-care’ day and that I was going to ‘learn something’ new.

Open University: Learning something and watching organisation videos on YouTube
Setting the mood

I started by lighting some candles and making my favorite tea from T2. It really tastes like Turkish delight and feels like a lovely morning treat. I responded to birthday wishes and as it was payday, I paid our bills (adult life).

T2 Time

As I fired up the laptop to start this blog, I also decided to check out the Open University free courses my best friends had been telling me about. There were so many options, so I registered and stared working on ‘learning something new’.

This was all achieved by mid day so I was feeling super productive.

My thought turned to exercise, due to the COVID19 situation the gyms have had to close their doors, so that was out of the question, but what was an option was an at-home workout and a run. Ahmed and I went for a 5k run and it was amazing. We obviously miss the gym as it gives us such a buzz and is a great way to socialise. A run was out of the question today due to the rain, but a home workout was squeezed in.

Without saying too much, as more detail will come in a later blog, we went to see our solicitor as we had some paperwork to sign.

After the trip to the solicitor we came home, I had a shower and listed to some music and settle down for the evening. This included snuggling up on the sofa, opening some presents, ordering pizza and watching a movie with the whole family (well the five of us in the house anyway).

Thank you son

It was a different birthday to what I had planned – but I enjoyed every minute of it as I was surrounded by people that love me.

Thank you for your continued support.

Peace, Love and Happiness.

The Jalloh family.

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