What I Ate Wednesday Part 6: Sweet Bones – Braddon

Hey Beautiful people, welcome back to the Jalloh family blog. Today, we will telling you all about a great cafe/ restaurant we recently discovered. But before we get into it, if you are new to our blog and enjoy our posts, don’t forget to leave a comment on a post you like and follow us for more Jalloh family content.

My boss was in town from Dubbo and we had a meeting scheduled over lunch, so we decided to head out to ‘Sweet Bones’ for some grub. I have been there a few times and now my office is just round the corner, I have to be very disciplined and make sure I take my lunch to work each day; otherwise I will be broke and living in a box…


I would consider the vibe pretty typical for a ‘vegan spot’ very laid back, very colorful and very friendly. There was plenty of chatter and laughter in the air which I am noticing is the norm in Australia. There are smaller and larger tables scattered throughout the café and some seating outside on the pavement which is nearly always filled up with diners enjoying their food, drink and the outside. I would describe the venue in a word as ‘trendy’. I do realize that makes me sound about 50 years old, but no other description quite fits.


Aside from being round the corner from my office, the venue is pretty good. I have been there a few times now and there are always plenty of customers. It is based in Braddon, Canberra and is near a few other restaurants and cafes; most people I speak to about the place know where it is and quite a number have eaten there before too. I have been there once with the family which was on the weekend; its about a 3 minute walk from the Lonsdale Street Café (separate blog) and about a 3 minute walk from the Canberra centre and the Dumpling House (separate blog) so all pretty conveniently located.

From what I can tell, the best bet regarding parking is to park up at the Canberra Centre (I parked at the outside car pack as its cheaper) and walk up. It really is a stone’s throw away from the Canberra Centre parking. However, that does mean paying for parking and as you all probably know by now, I am a cheap skate and don’t like coughing up money for parking, especially based against the reality that I was about to spend quite a coin on food as eating out in Canberra is a little higher than eating out in London.


The food is amazing… In my book it comes close to the Dumpling House. Ahmed thinks otherwise but I think it’s just so good. All the food we thought we missed as vegans are on the menu, some healthier than others, but life is all about balance right?!?

I had the Acai bowl which was a large bowl filled with delicious fruit and iced yoghurt. When Ahmed came, he had the coconut bacon and tofu scrambled eggs. J Boy had the stack of pancakes topped with chopped fruit.


It is hard to give an opinion of drinks. Usually, my drink of choice is water (sparking water or hot wit tea). Though the sun is out if full effect, there is a forceful wind which made it feel like 10 degrees. Ahmed orders a soya latte which is his drink of choice. So we sit outside. I get the feeling the coffee is good because it is what most people appear to be drinking today and whenever I am there. J Boy is cold but we are determined to make the most of the sun especially after coming out of our house! We order him the soy hot chocolate which did not go down very well.


The café style in and out service means you won’t be waiting long. Just like most trendy vegan cafés/ restaurants that we’ve been to, the space is not the biggest inside, however, there is a seating area outside. The ordering counter is at the front of the shop, meaning it often looks super busy when you arrive but it also makes it a little awkward when looking for somewhere to stand as you are waiting to order.

Overall rating

I think the food was great. If it were up to me, I would give them a 9.5 out of 10, but Ahmed said we can only do whole numbers and we have to give a joint rating so I have a feeling his rating will bring mine down. Ahmed would gave it a 3 or 4 out of 10; which I feel is pretty savage… So averaged out they get a 6.5, but as we are not allowed to give half numbers, I will make an executive decision and round up to 7 as I think they deserve it.

The plan for next weekend is to visit Sweet Bones again and convert the food critic Mr Jalloh.

AJOZ: Won’t happen!

Thank you for reading this far and than you for your continued support.

Peace, Love and Happiness.

The Jalloh Family

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