Family Friday: Our first real Ozzie BBQ

Hey Beautiful people, welcome back to the Jalloh family blog. Today, we tell you about our first Ozzie BBQ experience and being attacked by a creature. If you enjoy our family blog, don’t forget to leave a comment and follow us for more Jalloh family content.

Our family arrived from Brisbane and we could not be happier! It had been a few months since we last saw each other. There were a few people missing, which was a bummer but we were just happy to have more of our ‘mob’ together.

We decided on a ‘proper’ Ozzie BBQ for dinner that night. We later found out that this wasn’t actually a proper Ozzie BBQ because the chefs had no beer at hand as they flipped, sizzled and charred the food.

It was also out first time using the gas, so there were a few concerned faces. I even took the children inside just in case. I then quickly came back out as I thought, if Ahmed was going to blow up this evening, then we might as well blow up together (I know I am weird like that) lol… as we used YouTube to check was of ensuring the gas was not leaking, we became a lot more comfortable that no one was going to blow up… well not tonight anyway.

Ahmed and Daniel set up the BBQ and started cooking the burgers, sausages (Vegan of course) and the rest of us got the carbs and salad ready. We also took the table and chairs out to the patio area.

It was a great opportunity for our daughter to see her aunties and cousins again as they had not been together for around eight months by this point. It was also a good opportunity for Daniel to meet some more of the family and get to know the craziness he’s getting himself into.

The rest of the night was spent eating, talking and laughing about the past, present and wondering about the future, which was interrupted by a loud buzz and a thud! Followed by another!

It was finished up by an invasion of a random set of bugs and insects flying and walking around. As we ran away from one, we went towards another. These golden looking monsters were the size of a strawberry! The loud buzzing sound was frightening and coupled with the fact that it was now dark, there were a load of scared Jallohs in the yard. Apparently, they are known as Christmas Beetles, which makes sense because Christmas was upon us.

Christmas Beetle of Horror…

It was lovely to look around and see our diverse family bonding, having fun and reminiscing about times past and planning for the future.

Thank you for keeping up with the Jalloh family and our adventures, both big and small.

Peace, Love and Happiness.

The Jalloh family.

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