Canberra to Brisbane – The Journey for the Hair Cuts

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People always ask, “What do you miss about London?” and Ahmed’s response is always… HAIRCUTS.

When we got to Canberra, Ahmed searched high and low; every nook and cranny for a barbers who ‘KNOWS’ how to cut his type of hair. No Luck! So you can imagine his joy when we were travelling back to Brissy, where he knew he could get a hair cut and stop looking like a hobo for at least 3 weeks.

There is a growing community of Africans in Canberra, especially where we live and there’s a massive opportunity for someone to cut hair at $60-$70 a pop.

This video is Part 1 while we were visiting the family in Brisbane. Please enjoy!

Look out for Zaraffer’s, where we planned our lives to the T.

Off we go to plan the future…
Junade getting his hair cut at MVP Cutz in Brissy

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