Vlogmas Day 2 and 3

Hey Beautiful people, welcome back to the Jalloh family blog. Pull up a pew and stay for a while; We have some things to tell you.

During our trip to take pictures for our new Vlogmas intro, we filmed a day in the life which was too long to upload in one. We are not at that stage where YouTube grants us access to 30 minute videos yet. Plus, who wants to sit through a 30 minute video of the Waffling Jallohs or ‘Waffallohs’. Or, maybe, just maybe you do!

As it is report time, I (Ahmed) am currently writing student reports and was a little overwhelmed when Ruth suggested we do Vlogmas this year. We are new to YouTube and I was thinking, with 41 Subscribers, what’s the point. Plus, I am currently swamped with reports and planning and teaching still to do on a daily basis. However, with her always infectious ‘can do’ and ‘never say never unless you’re saying never’ attitude, Ruth convinced me it was a good idea.

Ruth busied away in the background as I stressed on the reports, wondering how on earth I was going to finish them by the Friday deadline. I had barely made a dent. She kept going; rubbing off whiteboards and scribbling on. First the blue pen, then the black then the green, then wipe the whole board and starts again. She had that same smile I had seen the year we were driving on Beaux Desert Road and we spotted the sign that led us to meeting George (MARA Agent). I knew this was going to be a success one way or another. so either get with the program and embrace it or get dragged kicking and screaming with the sentiment, ‘It’s for your own good!’ which I knew it was. So, I embraced it. Hey, they say ‘two heads are better than one’ right? Well, let’s see what we can pull off.

Ruth said the first thing to do is to get away from the reports and relax. She said we should go to the beach and while we’re there, we can film the first 3 days of Vlogmas. Panic attack! I felt like I was already falling behind, so why on earth would I take a whole day OFF to go frolic in the sun, sea and sand? Against my ‘better’ judgement, I accepted the challenge! Bring my work laptop, Ruth drives and I attempt, and I stress ATTEMPT to write my reports on the way.

  • Problem 1: Ruth drives like a ‘Boy Racer’ – try to type while someone accelerates and decelerates through traffic light! FAIL
  • Problem 2: Try to connect to the internet, when half of New South Wales is an internet black spot.
  • Problem 3: Some of the roads we have to drive through are dirt roads and resemble a quarry. Then I was trying to direct Ruth at the same time because I remembered the route, so we were like a rally driver and the map reader.

Eventually, I gave up trying and said, I’d take the laptop on the beach and while the family were all in the water, I would beaver away writing reports. Well, 6 hours later, I was no further on with my reports, however we had a new intro for out YouTube channel and content for the first two days of vlogmas. Also, we had memories that would last a lifetime.

@JustJallOz At Hyams Beach Part 1
@JustJallOz At Hyams Beach Part 2

Thank you for your generous and thoughtful gift of time. You could be anywhere else at this moment but you chose to be here reading our blog and for that we thank you.

The Jalloh family

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