Quarantine Quickies: Liquid Art With Mum and Son

Quarantine Quickies: Liquid Art With Mum and Son

Art was always something that was a big part of my childhood and both our children have demonstrated an interest and real skill in this area. Their dad and uncle are super talented in this space, so coupled with their skills and talents and my 'can do' attitude, there are limitless possibilities for our children. [...]

The New Year Work Out Plan

The  New Year Work Out Plan

The New Gym Squad What did you do for the to ring in the New Year? Did you make any resolutions? We are genuinely interested to know, so if you don't mind sharing, send us a comment. By now, the euphoria of the countdown has run out, the alcohol (for those who drink) has passed [...]

Our First Christmas Down Under – JallOz

Our First Christmas Down Under – JallOz

Following a question from our son, in June, we knew Christmas was going to be significantly different this year. As he played on his Nintendo Switch, he glanced over the screen and said, "Is it nearly Christmas, yet?"

Back where it all started

During our short break to Brisbane (fondly known to Canberreans as Briss Vagas), I to wake up at 6:50 on one of the mornings. I had been listening to motivational videos and decided not to waste the day, so I asked Ahmed if he wanted to come out for a walk with me. Bare in [...]

What’s in Our Hand Luggage for a Long Haul Flight?!?

We are a weird family for a number of reasons; one is the fact that we all like to travel and enjoy the long haul flights. From our perspective, my husband and I enjoy the time to just sit back and relax, watch movies, eat, read books, play cards, do some visualization and sometimes have [...]

Canberra… Here we come!

Canberra… Here we come!

We woke up at 6.30, one hour ahead of our alarm clock and started our usual morning routine. The night before I had texted our daughter to tell her to set her alarm for 7.30 to make sure she was up in time. As I sat on my bed, ready to say “see you later” [...]

Finding Your Purpose!

Yay Me... 'Employment is important for a person’s well-being. Work often boosts a person’s morale integrity. It also gives the person self confidence especially when socialising with other people' Following Ahmeds exciting news on 8th of April, on our drive back from Canberra to Sydney, I received a call from a Canberra number. I initially [...]

Travelling Across Three Australian States – First Job Interview

3 States, 2 Jallohs in 1 Day On Route to get the Rental Car from East Coast Rentals If It’s Outside of Your Time, It’s Your Time…Sherifaye K Ahmed got up quickly and went outside. I didn’t think much of it; I just thought he was on his way to get something from the car. [...]

First Job Interview in Australia – Congratulations (Part 2)

The email came in and I responded. Yes, I was going to make it to the interview on Monday. Road Trip! In 1 Day, 2 JallOz visited 3 States... Off We Go! We were booked... We were packed and we set off! OOPS... Safety first! 2 miles down the road and we had to turn [...]