About Us

Hi, we are the Jalloh family.

We are a family of four originally from the U.K (London) and we decided 4 years ago – 2015 to move to the other side of the world. Before the move, we decided to capture our journey through a blog – http://www.justjalloz.com – so our family and friends in the UK can keep up with our adventure. We are now down under and invite you to join our family as we experience Australia.

If It’s Outside of Your Time; It’s Your Time…

What Family and Friends Say

wow looks fab cant wait for next blog and more pics of the house with rooms furnished and the outside looked amazing too. xxx.

G Shanahan

Blimey! Its like Oz’s version of Buckingham Palace. I hope, no…I know things are going brilliantly for the Jalloz out there so keep up the forward momentum x

L Wiliamson

Hi Ruth, I am so enjoying the blog updates and seeing how you are all doing! It feels like we are still meeting somehow in a weird way!

S Slade

Let’s build something together.