Vlogmas Day 1 – Intro at Hyams Beach

Hey beautiful people. It’s been a while, so pull up a pew, we have some things to tell you. This time we haven’t been sitting on our hands or twiddling our thumbs, we promise. We’ve been producing more content for our family youtube Chanel. Due to the December period starting, we’ve haunted some videos we [...]

How we snuck in and out of Brisbane during the pandemic 😷 Vlog With JustJallOz

Hey Beautiful people, welcome back to the Jalloh family blog. Pull up a pew and stay for a while; We have some things to tell you. Covid-19!Quarantine!These words have become commonplace in our everyday lexicon and have become synonymous with 2020. Along with phrases such as flatten the curve; essential workers (I came to find [...]