What Does it Mean to Belong? Life is Not Always Black & White.

What Does it Mean to Belong? Life is Not Always Black & White.

Growing up mixed race, in London in the 90's, the word 'belonging' was one that was always present... Moving to Australia with my husband and children was no different! Some people have asked me how I feel about leaving my family and moving to the other side of the world. I have different feelings each [...]

We’re off – Finding out our Australian Permanent Residency (S190) Visas are granted (RJ) 🇦🇺

Land of new opportunities On 16 October 2018, at 08.25, we received notification from George that our visas had been granted... I knew exactly what was in the email. Titled. Subject: VISAS GRANTED! Every morning, my husband wakes up before me, around 5am and he will check our family email to see if there had [...]

Moving to Australia? 🇦🇺 Our Experience of the Expression of Interest and visa application.

Photography by Ruth Jalloh, August 2015 the Gold-coast. With the skills assessment sent off and approved by the ACWA, we had no time to waste. Diligently, we moved on to the Expression of Interest (EOI) stage with a hop, skip and a jump! The sun was peering from behind the clouds and we can see [...]

Moving To Australia – What Was the Process Like? Migration Foxtrotting (AJ) – Part 2

Slow, Slow, Quick Quick, Slow - Part 2 Click here for Part 1 The decision to move to Australia was not taken lightly, but we knew it was the right choice for us. Our application journey was like the Foxtrot, which was made popular by Harry Fox, a migrant to the Americas. Just like the [...]